how town summer concerts

How Town

Sarah Klenes: voice

Elina Silova: voice

Laura Polence: voice

Lennart Heyndels: double bass and composition


How Town is an international ensemble led by composer/bassist Lennart Heyndels performing vocal music. The group was founded in Amsterdam. How Town combines today’s popular music with the intricacies of classical music and the freedom of jazz.The main focus of the ensemble lies in the exploration of new ways in which the voice can be used within this multi-style context.

The ensemble came into existence in 2012 when Lennart Heyndels composed a suite based on the E.E. Cummings poem ‘Anyone lived in a pretty how town’ during a six-month stay in Paris. The goal was to make an accessible music without giving up the complexity of concert music. Being heavily influenced by the indie-rock scene of the day mixed together with his formal jazz training lead to a sound that doesn’t fit into one genre and so far has been labeled contemporary multi-style post-pop music.


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